4 UK Summer Holiday Destinations on a Shoestring

4 UK Summer Holiday Destinations on a Shoestring

One of the things I love about being an expat is how much it makes me appreciate my home country. I generally come back to the UK a couple of times a year and each time I’m keen to try and enjoy some of my precious holiday time as a holiday, rather than just a mad rush around the country to try and see my nearest and dearest. There are plenty of highlights that I love and miss from the UK summertime, but having just had my fill again, I thought I’d list some of the UK’s holiday hotspots that are great value for money. 

  1. Cornwall & Devon

Some of the most popular tourist destinations in England, these two counties have become firm favourites with travellers, and have plenty of accommodation choices available. One of the cheapest ways to visit Cornwall is by staying in a holiday cottage, particularly if you are in a group. We recently hired a cottage in Devon for a family break and it was a fantastic experience – read more here! You can book coach or train tickets up to three months in advance, to save some extra pennies, then do a big food shop in the supermarket before you get down there and fill your holiday cottage with yummy food and drink to save even more money. Then the days out to the beach or in the countryside don’t have to cost a penny, as long as you bring a picnic, that is of course you can resist the ice cream stalls and tall iced glasses of Pimms or cider in the beer gardens!

  1. Pembrokeshire

If you head a little further up the coastline, you’ll come to this beautiful region in Wales. Pembrokeshire has everything you could possibly hope for and more. It’s perfect for families, adventure lovers, surfers, groups of friends, and couples. B&B accommodation is extremely cheap here, so you don’t need to worry about spending too much and there are some fantastic little local cafes offering unbeatable value for money. Again, this is a beach destination so you can just make yourself a picnic and spend all day on the sand, soaking up the Welsh sun (if you’re lucky!)

  1. Blackpool

As one of the UK’s most famous seaside destinations, the resort has seen a decline in visitors over the last few years, despite the council spending plenty of money to boost the area. It’s a key part of the UK’s history and heritage however, and with all the council investment recently, there are plenty of new things to see and do, and hotel prices are relatively cheap, as businesses desperately try to pull in the punters. Blackpool restaurants are also lowering their prices, in the hope that more tourists visit and there a re a range of attractions, many of which have free entry. The town has a real old fashioned seaside charm about it, you can watch the world go by from your deckchair, visit the world famous Blackpool tower and don’t forget to say hi to the donkeys on the beach.

  1. The Peak District

Can you tell I love the sea? Well I don’t want this list to be specifically coastal, so moving inland… Many people think that visiting The Peak District is going to be expensive as it’s such a popular destination for tourists. However, with some careful planning, this can also be done on a shoestring, as with Devon & Cornwall, you’ll find a range of holiday cottages here for rent, and providing you do your own food shopping, this can equate to an extremely cheap stay. You then get the natural beauty of the area to spend time in and enjoy as much walking as you please. There’s nothing better than taking in the fresh air, greenery and striking views.

There are plenty more areas of course, I could base the entire blog on things to do in the UK, but for now these four are my highlights in terms of budget breaks, if you can think of any more, do let me know!