The eternal wanderer

A lover of travel and adventure on land and underwater based in Dubai – I love nothing more than ditching the corporate suit for a wetsuit at the weekends and getting out and exploring the UAE, Middle East and the world, then sharing my adventures with the world through this humble little travel blog.

The funds for my adventures come from my work as a communications professional, specialising in travel, tourism and hospitality PR and social media.

In a previous life I had the honour of working for Marie Curie Cancer Care and was even known to dress as a daffodil on (rare) occasion!

I pick up hobbies on a regular basis but some firm favourites include scuba diving, horseriding, camping, reading, salsa, yoga. I love my food and I’ll be one of the first in line to try any new health and fitness fad.

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  1. William Everett at · Reply

    Hello eternal wanderer, I love your blog. I write for What’s On Dubai and I’m always looking for exciting travel features. Would be good to pick your brains. Will

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