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Here’s a round up of our favourite travel stories:

September 2013: Top tips for travelling with children. At Expat Explorers our main passion is to encourage families to travel. Yes, it’s more difficult. Yes, it’s more tiring. But there is a great wild world out there waiting to be explored, and beautiful memories to be created. Here are some great tips to make life easier.

September 2013: Top tips for moving abroad. The UK Foreign Office is offering its advice to anyone who wants to move aboard. Top of our list would be: 1. Know the costs, 2. Integrate, 3. Give it a chance, it gets easier. What’s your advice? If you’re thinking of moving to Dubai we’ve got further insights coming up  in the Expat Suitcase.

September 2013: Home from home. When you move abroad there are some things you have to do without, and there are some things you can’t. British expats apparently can’t do without a good cup of tea and a dollop of Marmite. What else do you think is on the list and what do you miss from home?

September 2013: Camping in style or with baggage? When you pack the car for a trip to the desert or the mountains is it a matter of slinging in a sleeping bag and a bag of crisps. Or do you pack the kitchen sink? Camping gadgets, kit and equipment is a growing business in the UAE, but do you really need a TV and a goat?


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