Lanka Challenge

The Lanka Challenge – Sri Lanka by Tuk Tuk this September!

Sri Lanka is one of my favourite countries, and if you follow my updates, you’ll know I am a great fan of adventures, so imagine my delight when I received an invitation to join the infamous Sri Lankan self-drive tuk tuk adventure – the Lanka Challenge 2015!

For those who haven’t heard of this fantastic event, the Lanka Challenge is a meaningful travel experience that sees 15-20 teams from different countries traverse the Spice Island – through jungles, mountains and beaches – in the humble tuk tuk (also know as a three wheeler or auto rickshaw). The trip promises to be a true test of character, resourcefulness, endurance and navigational stupidity – It’s definitely one for the more intrepid travellers, taking us off the beaten track along some of the most remote, scenic and challenging roads and through wild, less-travelled terrain.

The ten-night trip includes two nights of camping and will see us covering around 1,200kms in what the team refer to as ‘by far the most awkward yet enjoyable drive ever designed by mankind’ (the tuk tuk). They have attempted to reassure us with the note that it only takes  two or three people to fully lift a tuk tuk off the ground (which apparently will be necessary during the anticipated breakdowns!) Luckily this is a Challenge and not a race! The winning team is determined by the number of points accumulated from participating in adventurous, cultural & ecological challenges that involve the local community (the rumours of bug-eating concern me already!)

Each of the teams will have to navigate and drive the different sections of the route as well as taking part in the challenges, which means we’ll have the chance to get up-close and personal experience of some of the most fascinating historical sites and natural delights of Sri Lanka. At the same time, we’ll be raising money for local charities and environmental organisations including the Red Cross Society of Sri Lanka and the Land Owners Restore Rainforest In Sri Lanka (LORRIS).

The Challenge is centred on responsible tourism and meaningful adventure, and as such will donate 10% of each team’s entry fee to the Red Cross Society or their partners. In addition, each team has to commit to raising at least USD 500, which can be used for the team’s preferred charities inside or outside of Sri Lanka, or added to the event total.

For anyone who is for joining us on this (crazy) unforgettable adventure, the event is organised by Large Minority in partnership with the Sri Lankan Ministry of Economic Development and the Sri Lankan Ministry of Tourism and takes place from 4th – 14th September 2015. You can get more information and register here – and do let me know if you’re going to join us!!