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Summer workouts: training in the sauna

So if you’ve read my previous posts or follow me on Twitter, you’ll be aware how much I love my training sessions. With the onslaught of summer in the desert however and the resulting suspension in sporting events over the coming months, my workout routine has changed somewhat.

As I have previously mentioned, my favourite training sessions are those that involve boxing, and ever since I mentioned an interest in participating in the white collar boxing (which I eventually let myself be talked out of by friends and family), Waly (my long suffering trainer) has been pushing me harder and coaching me much more on my boxing technique during our personal training sessions. This, combined with my shiny new gloves, has given me a renewed passion for the sport, and as such I have started attending the box fit classes that Ignite also runs.

The classes are held by Waly at The Shack, Kite Beach, on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7.30pm, and by Guillaume at Riva, Palm Jumeirah, on Mondays and Wednesdays at the same time. Both are excellent classes of mixed abilities and are typically small groups, although Riva does seem to be a more popular and convenient location.

Although I get more coaching on my technique and am pushed to my limits more in 121 sessions, I like these group classes because the group and the person you are partnered with keep you motivated and are a great way to meet new people and have fun (and it’s no problem if you don’t like the new people you meet, because you are encouraged to hit them – hard!)

Individual sessions cost AED 100 but you can buy a group card for AED 600 which includes eight sessions, this can also be used for Ignite’s other group sessions, including yoga classes on the beach. More info here

In another departure from my regular routine, as I now find it too hot to motivate myself to run outside and do my other usual workouts, I have also signed up to a monthly military bootcamp. This involves getting out of bed at 5am in order to be down on the beach at JBR for 6am, to be worked hard by trainers in temperatures of more than 30 degrees… Torture? Possibly. When I’m crawling out of bed at 5am or wringing out my tshirt after multiple repetitions of burpees, lunges or squats, or running up and down JBR stairs at 6am, I do question my sanity. However the feeling when it’s all over and I’m walking back through the marina at 7am watching Dubai wake up around me and knowing my day has already started the best way, is absolutely priceless.

There are many fitness providers offering military bootcamps in a variety of different locations. I had been so happy training with Waly that I decided to join the bootcamp he takes, again through Ignite (no, they’re not paying me!!) They have been offering some great summer deals, details can be found here

Now if I can just keep the motivation when I set off on holidays!! Tips to come from the experts on how to keep healthy and active while travelling…

Boxing at The Shack video clip