Amazing Ideas For trips Away With Friends

I’m always looking for something different to do for a girlie getaway with friends, having grown out of the clubbing days and not really fancying a trip to Magaluf/Tenerife/Ibiza (delete as appropriate). I appreciate the finer things in life now and want a group trip that supports that, and in doing my research, I thought I’d share some great ideas that combine my love for travel, relaxation, food, and not forgetting the odd cocktail of course! (At mid-30’s, we’re not past it yet!!)

Before we begin, make sure you take a peek at my tips for organising a hen do. Although specific to a  hen party, you can tailor some of the ideas to group travel fairly easily. By the way, if you are in charge of organisation, then my sympathies are with you. It’s a tough task to please everybody, but maybe these ideas can help.

For nature lovers and chic geeks

If the group contains animal lovers, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge in Orlando is worth a try. It’s positioned on a 33-acre private animal reserve, and many of the guest rooms look out directly onto the savannas. There are dozens of species of beasts and birds here, as well as a host of rare treasures from Africa, and excellent facilities. For more scientific minds, you could try The Yacht & Beach Club, these are two separate hotels that make up what is probably Disney’s best water resort in Stormalong Bay. As its name suggests, the Beach Club is a lot more relaxed while the Yacht Club is home to some amazing fine dining. There’s also a walkway that leads directly to Epcot’s World Showcase area. It’s packed to the brim with scientific-themed stalls, rides and imaginative things to do.

For glamour queens

Milan fashion week is the perfect time and place to experience the most stylish city in the world at its best. There are two to choose from – usually in February and September – and although tickets for the biggest shows can be hard to get hold of, there is plenty of other cool events going on at the same time. Depending on where you’re coming from and how many of you there are, you could think about hiring a private jet over to Italy to really make the trip memorable. You might think that it’s beyond your means, but if you investigate well it might not be as expensive as you think. Click here to find out more about the costs involved, now compare them to all of your airline tickets and other travel expenses put together – you might be surprised at what you find!

For fabulous foodies

The good folks over at MacsAdventure offer an excellent range of packages for food and wine loving groups, and some of them look perfect for anyone wanting a relaxing weekend. You can you expect lunch, dinners and amazing gastronomic experiences that any foodie would die for! For anyone based in or around the UK, try one of these incredible UK food destinations reported by The Telegraph. There’s something for every palate, wherever you are in the country!

Any more ideas for a respectable trip abroad with friends? Get in touch and let me know!