Tried & Tested: The Farm, Al Barari

Tried & Tested: The Farm, Al Barari

With the continual stream of new restaurants launching in Dubai, it takes something special to create a stir, and after hearing about The Farm for the umpteenth time from friends and colleagues I decided to go and see what all the fuss was about.

Despite its out of the way location, the restaurant continues to attract a full house. I hadn’t been able to get through by phone to book so we had to wait for a table, although it didn’t take long.

The setting among the unexpected greenery and tranquil water features of Al Barari is what really sets this outlet apart, although it does make me wonder if it will continue to be so popular now that the summer months are here. The menus are given out on iPads – a nice touch that is becoming increasingly popular with restaurants looking to stay ahead of the trends.

We indulged in a long breakfast with eggs benedict, juices, teas and even followed by cakes (I can highly recommend the lemon meringue) as we found it hard to tear ourselves away from our little Garden of Eden.

Once we had finally made the break, we decided to take more of a look around Al Barari. We were surprised to find a variety of different themed gardens nestled between the palatial villas: babbling brooks, wild flowers and grass made up one area; while manicured greens, strategically placed rock structures and decorative stones made up a more contemporary garden; and oddly shaped cacti and mounds of turf formed a more exotic retreat.
We ended up wandering around for a couple of hours, stopping at the gazebos to watch the fountains and take in the tranquility of the lakes, and finally buying some plants at the sleepy garden centre near the entrance, all together an unexpected but very enjoyable morning.